Perseverance is something that I am all too familiar with in my life. When I was a young child I was diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger’s tendencies. My parents were even told by the doctors that they weren’t sure I would be able to succeed in a “regular” school setting, but they refused to accept that. Even though I always gave my best, school didn’t come easy for me. and my beginning school years were very tough.With a strong support system, including my parents and grandparents, I began to find my way in school. I went from school to school in order for me to find the right school for me. Soon enough, what was a struggle for me became easier and easier, day by day. Not only did my grades improve but so did my self-esteem and my love for school. I began making lasting friendships that helped me break out of my shell and also find my love for computers, gaming and programming. Sometimes I would hear others tell me that I would not succeed and I would not go far because of my diagnoses, but all that did was light a fire for me to prove them wrong. What I have learned about myself through all of this so far, is that we all have our own struggles, some are more readily easy to see, some are hidden, but no matter what our struggles are, with strength, support and perseverance, nothing is impossible and I am living proof of that.